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Enter the Wonderful World of
Web 3.0

Adamnite is a public goods technology meant to allow anyone, anywhere to easily build fun, secure, and scalable decentralized applications.

Why another blockchain?

Adamnite is optimized to allow for the easy creation of highly scalable and secure social applications. We believe Web3 in its current state is not fun at all, and needs more than just unstable magic tokens.
We are building the infrastructure to fix that.


Adamnite is designed to scale to tune of thousands of program calls per second, all while keeping fees to the bare minimum.


No fear of downtime. Adamnite’s consensus architecture is designed to guard against downtime from malicious actors.


Most of all, Adamnite is easy.
No more dealing with copy-pasted code or implementing core infrastructure yourself. Adamnite takes care of that,
so that you can focus on building.

Don't believe us?

Check out this video to get started with A1:

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