Grant Program

Get a $1000 grant to build on Adamnite

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The Grant

The Adamnite Microgrant Program is an initiative started by Adamnite Labs to encourage university developers, builders, and hackers who are interested in building on Web3 to create dApps on the Adamnite Blockchain.

How it Works

  • Our microgrant program is geared toward newer developers or developers who are not Web 3.0 natives. We are looking to give 1000 dollars to individuals and teams who are passionate about building a decentralized idea. ​
  • Some ideas we are interested about include: decentralized social applications geared toward your communities, games, no loss financial applications, and crazy ideas that we haven't thought about!​
  • The grant will be non-dilutive: you will have full control over the development of whatever protocol you decide to build, the creation of any business entity around the protocol, and its structure.​
  • The only requirements for the microgrant are that you have an initial idea that you can create a specification for, that the idea is decentralized in nature, and of course, that the application is built primarily for the Adamnite Blockchain.​​

How we support your project

  • As part of the microgrant program, Adamnite Labs will also provide direct support to all grantees. Our technical team will be ready to work with you directly, helping to build libraries, tooling and other software you might need as you build out your initial platform. ​
  • Furthermore, you will also be working with Brent and the business development team. Brent is a serial entrepreneur who has previously started or been involved with multiple ventures in healthcare, music tech, and Web 3.0. He is also a lawyer by trade, with a focus on crypto regulation. ​
  • Adamnite is also a new but rapidly growing community: by being one of the first applications, you will have the opportunity to have the first mover advantage in your space to the tune of over 10,000 potential users. ​
  • As you are building, we can also help you with design, beta testing, user retention, and once you are ready - fundraising or go-to-market strategy.​
  • Weekly office hours will be available where our team will be available to dive deeper as requested into various legal and business issues facing startups
  • A sample week, starting the first week of April, could include a technical session with Adamnite's engineering team, guidance on the business development side in a group call, and a highlighting session to the broader community during a community call.