Who's Behind Adamnite

Core Team

Adamnite is completely open-source and decentralized in nature. Currently, there are approximately 20 main contributors, with others helping more sporadically. However, there is a core founding team that has taken the lead on implementing the protocol and ensuring the initial development of the platform. This core team is comprised of:

Archie Chaudhury

Head of Protocol Research & Technical Development

Thomas Petersen

Head of Design and Business Development

Brent Gillett

Business Lead and Legal Compliance

Khalil Shanti

Engineering Lead and Front-End Developer


Technical Core Chain Lead

Jonah Wilmsmeyer

Backend Developer - A1 & Adamnite VM


A1 Technical Lead

Open-source contributors

Adamnite would be nothing if it was not for the help of all the amazing talent we've been able to work with. Some of our core open-source contributors, located all over the world, can be found below.


Python Client Developer

Ajai Karthick

Integration Engineer - A1


Below, you can find some of the investors in Adamnite Labs, the for-profit company that has taken the lead in building Adamnite's initial network and some key aspects of its ecosystem..




Advisors & Partners

Below, you can find some of our strategic advisors who have helped us with key aspects of building Adamnite's network.

Shahar Abrams

Strategic Business Advisor and Tokenomics