What is Adamnite?

Hi! Welcome to the Adamnite Wiki!
Below is an overview of Adamnite's blockchain ecosystem & our vision


Adamnite is a secure and intuitive blockchain development platform, meant to allow developers to easily create distributed contract-based applications that run natively on the internet. Nite is the proposed native currency of the platform, used to transact value across the network, and used as an incentive for decentralized validators to participate actively in the upkeep of the platform.

Adamnite can be thought of as a programming environment; while there is a native distributed ledger, the primary improvement over legacy smart contract development platforms is the inclusion of a safe and easy to use programming language that comes integrated with formal verification to allow developers to write, check, and compile their programs all within one programming environment. In that sense, Adamnite can be thought of as a programming stack similar to Java or Python


Adamnite was initially described in a white-paper titled “Adamnite, a secure and scalable blockchain development platform”. Our white-paper can be found here.

The first programmable blockchain was Ethereum, which introduced a framework for the creation of complex smart contracts and the creation of decentralized applications. You can learn more about Ethereum here.